Master Leasing is the most economical way to get into the real estate business today.

David talks about how the current housing market has created the perfect storm to use Master Leases to make money now. Hear how he creates cash flow in any market in the country, negotiates with owners, build equity, limit your liability, ‘test drive’ and control properties using little or none of your own money!

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If you want to get involved with investing in real estate but think you can’t afford the overpriced homes, this Master Leasing is for you. Get started with no money and begin immediately after taking this class.
-Ken Malone, Irvine, CA

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Join us this September in Las Vegas to learn more about Master Leasing and Hassle Free Property Management. See our seminars page here. Master Leasing is Class only available for current and past Hassle Free Property Management attendees.