I just received this testimonial letter in my email and wanted to share it with everyone here…


I’ve talked to you before about the success I’ve been having implementing ideas from the course you taught last fall in Atlanta. Id like to share with you the latest tremendous headache you saved me from.

I received an application on one of our vacant properties from a lady named Sheila. I quickly reviewed it, determined that her income didn’t match my ratio requirements when you factor in her $400/month car payment, and wrote her back a polite rejection letter. I received a phone call from her daughter requesting an explanation. When I gave her the reasoning, she said she needed a property as well, and asked if they could qualify together, and I said sure.

Well, she turned in an application, but couldn’t verify her income from her home-based cupcake business with a W2, tax return, or check stubs. So I ignored the application and moved on.

I got a call two days ago from the daughter, demanding to know the status of her application, and claimed boldly that I was giving her the run-around, that I was discriminating against her and her mother, and that I was in violation of Fair Housing.

This is where I was SO GLAD I had taken your course. I was able to calmly reply, “Ma’am, I have never met you. I have never met your mother. This is by design, per our Policy and Procedures Manual.  I only have the information that has been presented to me on your application. It is impossible for me to discriminate against you in violation of Fair Housing, because I have no idea what you look like.”

I don’t think she was quite prepared for that response. Although I then invited her to send in the requested information, I have a sneaking suspicion that, based on her argumentative posture, her application will be denied. (Last I checked, being argumentative does not place you into a protected class!)

I used to personally show every house before taking your course. Thanks for saving me from yet another headache!

Chris Heekin


Thanks Chris, I am glad everything worked out!