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If you have any desire to improve what and how you do business, you must attend [this seminar].

Walter Bartholomew - Lakeland FLPeachtree City GA

Thank youfor sharing your time-tested property management techniques! Invaluable! Highly recommend to all landlords!

Karen Britt - Suwanee GAPeachtree City GA

This will change my business for the better RIGHT AWAY! This class turns landlording on its head. ‘Treat my house as your home.’ I love it!

Anthony Broullire - DePere WIPeachtree City GA

If I can manage to get better teanants by having learned a better screening process, then this course will have paid for itself x 100!

Dainelys Campion - Port Richey FLPeachtree City GA

David is…not only a pioneer and trailblazer, but leaves the path created in an aspect of a 4-lane Interstate. He runs the road at a rapid speed, but relays the maintenance and upkeep of the road in a team concept.

Tobie Cartledge - Covington GAPeachtree City GA

This seminar has drastically changed my opinion of tenants – for the better! So glad I came.

Jeff Cichocki - Denmark WIPeachtree City GA

Dave is a walking authority on Property Management. I’m going to use his Rental Contract for all future tenants. Folks who don’t get this training are missing the boat and not maximizing their profitability.

Cary Cook - Peachtree City GAPeachtree City GA

I’ve dealt with tenants for almost 15 years. Anyone who deals with tenants in any capacity should attend David’s seminar.

Greg Dabicci - Orlando FLPeachtree City GA

Great seminar and way to manage properties. A fair and pleasant way to deal with tenants and run a successful business…Backed up by 30+ years of experience.

Nancy Dinucci - St. Petersburg FLPeachtree City GA

Mr. Tilney provides excellent information for landlords. I wish I would have taken this class two years ago.

Todd Dudley - Chicago ILPeachtree City GA

I highly recommend ‘Hassle Free Property Management.’ When you implement Mr. Tillney’s concepts it TRULY takes the hassle out of property management and creates a true win-win situation with your residents.

Nancy Hatfield - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

I’ve attended this seminar multiple times because it’s proved to be the source of my longevity in property management. I will happily attend again!

Jim Gaines - Peachtree City GAPeachtree City GA

Procrastinated taking this seminar for years…my mistake! Very comprehensive, systematic. Excellent!

Mark Lepzinski - Madeira Beach FLPeachtree City GA

Extremely informative seminar with quality content presented in an open and accessible way.

Cameron Fielding - Tampa FLPeachtree City GA

Dave provides a no frills, real approach to property management that changes the dynamics between landlords and tenants…puts a good paradigm shift into action by empowering and giving responsibility to the tenants.

David Firkins - Monument COPeachtree City GA

This course is the expressway to more free time and an easier life….

Michael Fisher - Tarpon Springs FLPeachtree City GA

David & Mary have a fresh, collaberative approach with tenants that is guaranteed to reduce your time [and effort] and increase your profits. I got my course fee back 10 times in the first day!

Keith Gettinger - Peachtree City GAPeachtree City GA

I highly recommend this seminar. I feel like I received a complete system to hassle free property managaement.

Chris Gleize - Minnetonka MNPeachtree City GA

This seminar is everything it is advertised to be. No upsell…very practical.

Nitya Grenham - Marietta GAPeachtree City GA

This was my very first Property Management class and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is managing properties. This is a new concept which works great for the Tenant, Property Manager and Owner/Landlord.

Deborah Hamilton - Monument COPeachtree City GA

The time that can be saved with this class, pays for the class!

Calvis Harrigan - St. Petersburg FLPeachtree City GA

Good class. Great approach to being a Landlord.

David Hartmann - Seminole FLPeachtree City GA

A ‘sea change’ approach to residential landlording. Check it out!

Bret Hoover - Independence MOPeachtree City GA

My time is very valuable. Dave’s class was well worth the time and other costs. His approach strikes me as legally sound and psychologically brilliant. Access to his paperwork alone was worth the time. Landlords really do need this information; it was earned via long experience and hard thought.

John Hyre - Worthington OHPeachtree City GA

Great information for the cost!

Karen Jones - Marietta GAPeachtree City GA

David gives hope that property management can actually be an enjoyable, win-win occupation that does not have to rule your life.

Sarah Lakey - Nashville TNPeachtree City GA

This seminar was worth well more than I paid to attend. It really opened my mind to see leasing for income as a viable profit center.

Kiesett Collier-Newton - Gambrills MDPeachtree City GA

This seminar may be the seed that sprouts a fundamental shift in how I build my business by using Master Leasing.

Darus Trutna - Eureka CAPeachtree City GA

A great course! Worth every penny in the first hour of class.

Jeff Bowman - Atlanta GAPeachtree City GA

A fun, fact-filled 2 days that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Linda Marks - Parker COPeachtree City GA

David Tilney opened my eyes to opportunities that were hidden in plain sight.

Peter Leider - Greenwood Village CO 9/2017Peachtree City GA

Thanks so much for this seminar. I think it’s going to be a turning point for me.

Tim Thornton - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

Don’t be a fool – Take the class and live your dreams.

Chris Wojciechowski - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

David is the ‘go to’ guy for hassle free landlording.

Brett Gibson - Monument COPeachtree City GA

Thank you for providing such valuable information in a jam-packed two day session! It really gets you to think outside the box.

Alana Bethune - Denver COPeachtree City GA

Mind blowing idea on how to gain rental cash flow while limiting downside. Gets you into properties that would otherwise not make sense.

Kevin Cuccinelli - Larkspur COPeachtree City GA

If you want to control real estate without the hassle of ownership, you need this class!

Scott Baughman - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

Anyone planning on owning long-term rental properties needs this seminar. The benefits are worth at least 3X the cost of the course.

Fred Balke - Loganville GAPeachtree City GA

All landlords should take this course.

Daniel Muldoon - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

David Tilney knows his stuff and understands how to communicate the information in a fun and engaging way.

Megan Delgleize - Boulder COPeachtree City GA

I wish I had taken this course in 1985 when I first started in Real Estate. I believe it would have changed my entire career & I would be in a vastly better financial place – I’m sure of it!

Robert Jackson - Bogart GAPeachtree City GA

This seminar has helped a ‘burnt out Landlord to realize there is another way to do things that can help reinvigorate my love for this business and provide me with a life I want to live.

Amy Messerrich - Denver COPeachtree City GA

This management system encourages cooperation, harmony, kindness & prosperity in property management relationships.

Sheri Dea Brown - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

This is a must attend seminar that you wouldn’t want to miss. Tilney has a wealth of knowledge and a caring heart for all his tenants.

Kevin Newton - Gambrills MDPeachtree City GA

I have been to a lot of real estate seminars and I’m most impressed by how ethical you are. You do what you say you are going to do and your material has EVERYTHING in a very easy to understand format….

Lindsey Jensen - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

I believe this information is the best property management education you can get.

Pete Tychsen - Tallahassee FLPeachtree City GA

This class is probably the most important class you can take to successfully manage your own or others rentals.

Betsy Zub - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

The best Property Management training I have found.

Stephen Watson - Lilburn GAPeachtree City GA

Outstanding class! A great tool for your real estate toolbox. If you want a way to make more money in real estate…this is it!

Diana Mayo - St. Louis MOPeachtree City GA

David Tilney & his family are paying it forward’ by sharing & teaching these skills…

Jennie Murphy - Peyton COPeachtree City GA

This course will help you perceive how you could do business in a better way.

Balyn Bates - Aurora COPeachtree City GA

David Tilney speaks with the voice of experience and conviction. He lays out a ‘Rand McNally’ road atlas for success in this business.

John Bixler - Aurora COPeachtree City GA

This seminar uncovered a new income stream that will complement our existing residential rental business.

Casey Thompson - Oxford GAPeachtree City GA

Master Leasing is the key to so many strategies in Real Estate. David has taken a complicated topic and simplified it…

Bryce Robertson - Costa Mesa CAPeachtree City GA

Worth twice the price for the knowledge gained.

Teddy Smith - Denver COPeachtree City GA

Very valuable information garnered from a wealth of experience.

Ken Barber - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

Content rich, No BS, creative way to create cash-flow!

Evan Jessen - San Diego CAPeachtree City GA
Justin Loa - Colorado Springs COPeachtree City GA

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