I started buying houses in 1978. As I acquired properties, I hired out the management, always with dismal results. My first house had a conical fireplace and chandelier stolen, a fire started in one of the bedrooms, and the rear fence burned down. In another case my manager left town absconding with funds and was later arrested by the FBI. I quickly learned that property acquisition was the easy part of real estate investment. The key to long-term success was, and still is, good management.

I have spent more than 40+ years learning property management from the most knowledgeable managers I could find and from the ‘school of hard knocks.’ In my quest to be the best manager I could be, I have implemented, revised, tested and modified other people’s ideas, and created new material as necessary. I have changed systems and procedures as the laws and times have dictated. This seminar will share my secrets of success for the single-family investor and will help you implement them yourself. Hassle Free Property Management is the sum total of all of my experience and innovation. It is a nuts and bolts course designed to give you specific tools to make your operation more efficient. It will teach you how to reduce stress, increase cash flow and find more time for other pursuits by changing the entire way you view and work with tenants.

My management philosophy has always been to treat our tenants the way they would like to be treated, while maintaining strong controls to assure maximum profitability with a minimum of hassles. My wife, Mary, and I continue to manage our own rental portfolio, as well as ‘master lease’ single-family homes of other owners and investors. We collect all rents (utilizing ACH software) prior to the first of each month and we have experienced only one eviction back in 1981. Most of our tenants rent from us for multiple years and we have had two couples who rented from us for 25 and 18 years respectively.

Mary and I are now Florida residents and divide our time between Florida, Colorado and world travels. Using our ‘Hassle Free’ system, we are able to manage our Colorado properties ‘long distance’ from Florida or wherever we happen to be.

We are blessed with a wonderful family - three beautiful daughters, three sons-in-law and eight terrific grandkids. Our daughters were all exposed to our business while they were growing up and they have all attended our seminars, but none had expressed any interest to follow in my footsteps. Imagine our surprise and delight when our daughter, Erin, and her husband, Kurt, formed their own real estate company 15 years ago. They have implemented our systems and procedures and built a viable business very quickly using ‘master leasing.’ Kurt started out by contacting owners who couldn’t sell and convincing them that he would “lose them less” if they would lease to him...clearly a win-win for both parties! The owners get a tenant in their previously vacant house who will maintain the property, pay the utilities and help with some of the expenses, and Kurt gets the rental income. Attend the ‘Master Leasing’ seminar and I will teach you how to do the same in any market in the country!

I hope you will join us!

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David Tilney
David Tilney

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