Most landlords don’t realize that tenant safety decreases and landlord liability increases when a master key system is used for rental properties. The truth is that convenience and key storage should not dictate that one key be used for multiple properties.

  1. The loss of the master key or the termination of a trusted employee or contractor can be an expensive crisis depending on the number of locks that necessitate re-keying.
  2. Master keying makes the lock more susceptible to manipulation since multiple combinations of key cuts will open the lock. This means that those with little understanding of locks maybe able to open the lock with just a paperclip and a small screw driver.
  3. Landlords don’t realize that anyone with a key to one lock in a master keyed system can easily make a master key to the entire system in about 5 minutes without taking apart any lock. All that is needed is about seven key blanks and a small metal file. (The NY Times published an article showing the world this in January of 2003.)

There is a solution for accessing properties without worrying about key control

David Tilney has lived in Naples FL with his wife Mary since 2002. He and his wife manage rental houses in Colorado Springs CO without employees. David also teaches landlords across the country how to enjoy managing their property while avoiding potential pitfalls along the way.